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‘Writing a novel doesn’t just ‘happen’, it can be an all-absorbing pastime, a part-time arrangement or a full-time career (or profession, dependant on your view).

In my case, it is the first – an all-absorbing pastime. After a rewarding career in Industry, working alongside some wonderful people in Power Supply when the philosophy was ‘power for the people’ (The old Central Electricity Generating Board’s heraldic Coat of Arms motto was ‘Power in Trust). After privatisation, the mood changed to ‘pounds for the shareholders’ and so many gifted people left the Industry to assume different roles.

Hence the shift to writing, the pastime which perhaps should have been a career because it is rewarding, enjoyable, lots of fun and when someone says – as they often do – ‘I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your book’, it’s a great feeling.

Often asked “from where do you get your inspiration?” the short answer is ‘from life’, for even the smallest incident can trigger a story. So what I’ve written reflects the human tide around us – and is none the less absorbing for having elements of reality mixed in with fictional tales.

It has also brought expansion of my role in other aspects of the literary world. I mentor and encourage young people in their urge to write (if this is you, get in touch, for who knows what help can be yours for free, though paid-for short courses are also on offer for all). I undertake copy-editing for those who aren’t sure if their work is good enough to publish, and proof read work that has gone to the print stage. I can also advise on some aspects of publishing, or put you in touch with the professionals.

Alongside my own creativity, I also write a book review page for a very good series of glossy magazines (guess which titles). It is a joy when a new author appears with a well-fabricated and good story to tell, though unfortunately there so many recognisable names who have to ‘write to the clock’ and their work reflects this necessity.

Oh yes, and I also write poetry, short stories, essays, the occasional technical article; the opportunities are endless. Taking part in Book Festivals is great fun too and you meet all manner of different characters – but the best part is conversing with readers who enjoy and understand my stories. I hope you do too.